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Why Microgreens?

Good Value

Delicious and healthy options should be accessible to everyone. We keep costs down by sourcing seasonal ingredients.

Locally Sourced

All our microgreens are sourced from a local farm in Long Island, NY.  This minimizes our transport cost and lowers our carbon footprint, as well as guarantees the freshness of our product.

Hydroponically Grown

By hydroponically growing our microgreens in a soil-less substrate, we save on space and don't need to worry about sudden changes in weather or contaminants in soil.


Growing microgreens, as opposed to their fully matured counterparts, in a hydroponic format can save up to 98% less water and waste.

Harvested young and at peak nutrition, microgreens can be up to 40x more nutritious than their fully grown varieties.

Microgreens are tiny but packed with flavor! Don't sacrifice taste for health.

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